One of the most frustrating experience a client can have is trusting your brand to an agency, and realizing they aren't able to help you realize your vision. That's what happened with Talo. They came to us to help develop their brand and give them an identity that would help their brand stand out in the Golden Valley Area, where each apartment building feels like a stone throw away. 


Location: Minneapolis, MN
My Role: Lead Designer
Services Rendered: Identity Design
Client: Forum Real Estate Group


From the day one, this was a client that was heavily involved and wanted to collaborate from the beginning to end. The names Aire, Verde, and the Collective were pitched. Several rounds of discussion and naming exercise occurred and the name Talo, Finnish for House, was agreed upon. 


Talo Logo Development


With a name decided, we spent time helping develop a brand mark. The client was drawn to the mark shown below. They liked how it evoked trees, houses, mountains, and other various other imagery. This idea of discovery was an appealing idea to the client and they loved it. 


Further Logo Development


Below is the final mark the client selected and by the end the excitement was palpable. The client was happy with their new identity and was left with a mark that is above and beyond anything their competitors have to offer.


Final Logo and Mark


In addition to the logo, a set of icons was also developed to be implemented for various branding purposes. 


Talo Icon Set