The Lodge

Originally a run down apartment from the 60's, The Lodge was bought with the intention of turning it into luxury student housing. Playing off of the Colorado flag, and the flat iron mountains, The Cavalier Apartment was transformed into The Lodge, soon to be destination housing in the heart of Boulder. 


Location: Boulder, CO
My Role: Lead Designer
Services Rendered: Identity + Collateral Design
Client: FourStar on the Hill


The name Cavalier was kept from the original building. For the first round of logo design, various marks were introduced that hinted to the mountain culture of the area. Various crests were tried as well as playing with the letter c, that hinted at the state flag of Colorado. 


Cavalier Logo Development


While the client was happy with the initial direction it felt like it didn't quite speak to their target audience. During round two of logo development, instead of focusing on the mountain, we focused instead on mountain culture. Incorporating a minimal representation of mountains we introduced supporting imagery of ski culture to help create a more complete mark.


Further Logo Development


The final logo, shown below, was selected because the client felt like it spoke to their target market and spoke to the area. They decided to leverage it and use it for both unit and wayfinding signage. 


Final Logo

Building Signage

Unit Signage

Business Cards