How do you brand a landmark? When Nye's was sold it was slated for housing, and no longer the iconic polka music that made it famous. The original vision changed a bit, from a thirty story skyscraper to six-story mixed use apartment complex that was approved by the city. In the end, the new brand adopted a mark that ties into nearby architecture and sets the stage for the next chapter on the corner of 2nd St. and Hennepin.


Location: Minneapolis, MN
My Role: Lead Designer
Services Rendered: Identity Design
Client: Steven Scott + Schafer Richardson Inc.


I was Initially tasked with branding the building as "Vanatge" which was the name for a thirty-story skyscraper set to replace to iconic piano bar . The logo developed for several months while names were pitched and a fight was taking place with the historic preservation board. In the end, the neighborhood won and the project was shelved.


Vantage Logo Development


Close to a year later, with a new building design, the project started back up and the developers came to us asking for a new name and new identity. We went back to the drawing board and began exploring new names and new designs. 


Further Logo Development


After speaking with the client, the name of "Montage" was decided and we presented one more round of design and a final logo and mark were chosen. 


Final Logo and Mark