L27 Rooftop Lounge

Nashville, Tennessee 

Soaring twenty-seven stories above Nashville, is the cities highest bar, L27, located in the brand new Westin Nashville. Located in the intersection of music, culture, and history, L27 is soon to be a destination spot in Nashville. Branding services including coming up with a mark that would look good on coasters, social media, as well as projected onto a wall. In addition to a branding services, the client also requested menu and coaster design to complete the brand identity.


When speaking with the client, they discussed this idea of a mark. They wanted a logo that would evoke a sense of elegance, modernity, and mystery. While the initial set of marks was abstracted, they felt this was too confusing and the name needed to be easier to read, especially if you were just to glance at the mark. They wanted legibility and boldness without the mark feeling too forced.


Logo Development


The end result is something that feels polished, elegant, and at place in a luxury hotel. The client was happy with the end result and felt in conveyed there concept for a desitnation bar in the heart of Nashville


Final Logo and Marks


Diner Menu Design