Green Lantern


Green Lantern Tavern

The Green Lantern pays homage to the original bar of the same namesake that was infamous in St. Paul during prohibition and the gangster age. Applying this lore to a modern speakeasy, we rebranded the lounge in the basement PUBLIC kitchen+bar into a unique identity that houses live music and one of the best cocktail programs in St. Paul. 


My Role: Lead Designer
Location: St. Paul, MN
Services Rendered: Identity + Collateral Design


Simply called the Lounge at PUBLIC kitchen + bar at first, we wanted to give the space a unique identity that intrigued people and made you want to actually drink here. The name Bookmakers was thrown around at first, but ultimately changed to the Green Lantern because of the historic nature of the space and because of the St. Paul connection. 


Logo Ideations


Full Logo and Icon

Cocktail Book Menu Design


Interior and Exterior Signage