Gray Duck


Gray Duck Tavern

Launched in May 2017, Gray Duck Tavern’s name pays homage to the decidedly Minnesota game, Duck Duck Gray Duck and it is located in one of Saint Paul’s most historic buildings, the former Lowry Hotel.

In the late 1970s, the former basement and barbershop of the hotel opened as The Oz Night Club on Valentine’s Day 1979. It is said that the producers who created Lipps Inc. and the huge hit “Funkytown” played early versions of the song in the club. In the 1980s and the last open restaurant in the space was Horatio Hornblower’s.

Madison Restaurant Group is proud to open Gray Duck Tavern in the historic space, and certain to create another chapter of great stories for years to come.


My Role: Designer
Location: St. Paul, MN
Designers: Lora Hvlasa
Photographer: Lora Hlavsa


Logo Ideation


Final Logo


Cocktail and Dinner Menu


Business Cards