In a nod to the neighborhood that gave us F.Scott Fitzgerald, "Fitzgerald's" is a neighborhood bar that aims to be your go to destination for everything from burgers and beer to birthdays and first dates.

The  original space was first transformed from an art college to the fine dining restaurant, The Salt Cellar. While the concept didn't quite work out, we rebranded it with a more informal feel and introduced it to neighborhood a year later with a new name, new chef, and with a refreshed attitude.


My Role: Lead Designer
Location: St. Paul, MN
Photographer: Lora Hlavsa


While originally tasked with refreshing the previously deigned logo, the project transformed into full branding services that encompassed menu and collateral design. The end result was a elegant, sophisticated identity for a restaurant that elevates the dining experience


Logo Ideation


Final Logo

Photo by Lela Mpls
Photo by Tamara Waterston